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Cheers Luxury Alcoholic Ice Cream at The Chocolate Show

Hours Open:
11am - 7pm
10am - 7pm
10am - 6pm

Cheers Alcoholic Ice Cream will be waiting for you and your tastebuds to experience a completely new and exciting ice cream. Tempt yourself to a selection of our 5 delicious and intriguing flavours: Toffee + Vodka (6.51% ABV), Mojito (4.59% ABV), Red Wine (2.38% ABV), Strawberry Daiquiri (3.75% ABV) and Chocolate Espresso Martini (3.52% ABV). They come in 120ml pots with a spoon in the lid. All made with the same amount of alcohol as if you were tasting a regular cocktail. So raise a pot and cheers! @cheersicecream